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Candleberry Leather™ Fresh CarGO

Candleberry Leather™ Fresh CarGO

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Description: Seducing notes of peppercorn & clove are complemented by bergamot. The warmth of suede and woods linger throughout this aroma with undertones of modern leather and musk to create a signature scent.

Experience the cozy scent of your favorite Remarkably Reminiscent™ Candleberry fragrance even when you're on the go with Candleberry's Fresh CarGo® Car Air Fresheners. These specially designed air fresheners are tailored to bring the comforting aroma of Candleberry Candles to your car. Indulge in your preferred scent today!

  • Allow your Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent to hang freely.
  • Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent is intended for use in vehicles.
  • Each Fresh CarGo® is made from fragrance-infused paperboard and hangs from a rearview mirror. Replace when the fragrance strength is no longer noticeable.  
  • Even if you have not removed the plastic from your Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent, do not leave sitting on any surface that can be damaged (wood, plastic, paint, cloth, metal, other organic material) for an extended period of time.
  • Do not allow your Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent to come into extended contact with skin.
  • After removing from plastic and placing in your vehicle, hanging freely without touching other parts of the vehicle, wash hands well with soap and water.
  • For sensitive skin, gloves should be worn for handling concentrated scented products.
  • Keep away from children and animals.

Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent products are made with a high concentration of fragrance in comparison to most car fragrance products. Concentrated fragrance can be irritating to the skin and can dissolve plastic, paint and other sensitive materials.  By purchasing a Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent, you agree to take all necessary precautionary measures to avoid damage to the interior/exterior of your vehicle and/or any item within.


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