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Candleberry Pumpkin Praline Waffles Tart Wax Melts

Candleberry Pumpkin Praline Waffles Tart Wax Melts

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Fragrance Description: Imagine it's a lazy weekend morning and you've just gone into the kitchen following the warm rich smells that fill the air. There's the smell of pumpkin, that rich pie smell, punctuated by sugared pecans. Together they make waffles that are waiting for the butter and the maple syrup and the start of a perfect day. A top seller!

Product Details:

  • Burn Time: 20-30 hours
  • Wax Info: Superior Paraffin Blend
  • Weight: 3.68 oz
  • Produced: Proudly Made in the USA
  • Formula: Made with Advanced Fragrance Technology, Highly Scented


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