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Candleberry Black Sand Beaches™ Fresh CarGO

Candleberry Black Sand Beaches™ Fresh CarGO

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Description: Enjoy this powerful fragrance in your home AND in your car as it takes your mind to the warm, sun-kissed winds of the island brushing across the expanse of the emerald waters, carrying the fragrance of tropical fruits and sugared citrus.

Experience the cozy scent of your favorite Remarkably Reminiscent™ Candleberry fragrance even when you're on the go with Candleberry's Fresh CarGo® Car Air Fresheners. These specially designed air fresheners are tailored to bring the comforting aroma of Candleberry Candles to your car. Indulge in your preferred scent today!

  • Allow your Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent to hang freely.
  • Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent is intended for use in vehicles.
  • Each Fresh CarGo® is made from fragrance-infused paperboard and hangs from a rearview mirror. Replace when the fragrance strength is no longer noticeable.  
  • Even if you have not removed the plastic from your Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent, do not leave sitting on any surface that can be damaged (wood, plastic, paint, cloth, metal, other organic material) for an extended period of time.
  • Do not allow your Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent to come into extended contact with skin.
  • After removing from plastic and placing in your vehicle, hanging freely without touching other parts of the vehicle, wash hands well with soap and water.
  • For sensitive skin, gloves should be worn for handling concentrated scented products.
  • Keep away from children and animals.

Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent products are made with a high concentration of fragrance in comparison to most car fragrance products. Concentrated fragrance can be irritating to the skin and can dissolve plastic, paint and other sensitive materials.  By purchasing a Candleberry Fresh CarGo® Car Scent, you agree to take all necessary precautionary measures to avoid damage to the interior/exterior of your vehicle and/or any item within.


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